sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

La diligencia

En este alegato que hace el banquero en la diligencia se encuentra buena parte del pensamiento capitalista y liberal en el sentido europeo. Sin embargo, John Ford pone las palabras en boca del personaje más odioso de la película, el banquero Gatewood, que huye con un dinero que no le pertenece. John Ford era un reconocido demócrata y con este alegato lo único que hace es ridiculizar el pensamiento de los republicanos y defender sus ideas. Una táctica muy usada para tergiversar las ideas del oponente. ¡Qué gran película! I can't get over the impertinence of that young lieutenant. I'll make it warm for that shake-tail! I'll report him to Washington - we pay taxes to the government and what do we get? Not even protection from the army! I don't know what the government is coming to. Instead of protecting businessmen, it pokes its nose into business! Why, they're even talking now about having *bank* examiners. As if we bankers don't know how to run our own banks! Why, at home I have a letter from a popinjay official saying they were going to inspect my books. I have a slogan that should be blazoned on every newspaper in this country: America for the Americans! The government must not interfere with business! Reduce taxes! Our national debt is something shocking. Over one billion dollars a year! What this country needs is a businessman for president!

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