martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Glenn Beck's Common Sense (IV)

Sigo con las citas del libro de Glenn Beck.

Isn't is amazing that the law does not require one human being to save another human being from injury or death? If you seee a strange, or even a relative, drowning in a pool, the law doesn't impose any obligation on you to save them, even if you could od so without any risk to yourself. Yet the same legal system requires you, under threat of penalty, to recycle, to avoid letting your car idle, and to put CFL bulbs with poisonous mercury into your homes -all to save the environment. Common sense tell us that any legal system based on such grotesquely misplaced priorities is one that cannot endure for long. The endless laws, rules, and regulations already on the books, along with the ones that are still coming are not really about breaking your bad habits - they're abour sending you the message that you are no more important or significant than the spotted owl or a salt-marsh harvest mouse. These laws are a stark reminder that your significance as an individual, even as a human being, depends on the recognition you are granted by the state. We are all being trained that we are simply a small part of a much larger community made up of "humankind", along with trees, plants and animals... and that we're all equal. But to do that, Pregressives have to make you forget your rights were endowed to you directly by your Creater, something they can best make happen by turning us all into what Progressive H.G. Wells called "enlightened Nazis" - people who look to the state for direction in every aspect of our lives, but without the violence that accompanied the Nazi movement.

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