sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

En USA también tienen a sus Millás

No sólo en España la izquierda nos advierte del advenimiento del infierno social si ganan los conservadores. Leo en American Thinker que también la prensa progre usa la misma táctica cuando ve amenazada su hegemonía política.

We find ourselves in the midst of the latest leftist media attempt to explain to us exactly who and what we conservatives are. You know the drill: racist, homophobic, bitter, gun-slinging, bible-clinging Neanderthals.

An effort to define its enemies happens every time the Democratic Party perceives itself to be in trouble.

Y lo que piensan los progres americanos de los hombres blancos

Those of you who still vote for Democrats must truly be as doltish as Hollywood movies and TV commercials make you out to be. Liberals demonize you every day, and yet you keep coming back for more, from feminist women who seek to emasculate you to any and all victim groups who seek reparations at your hands for the dastardly crimes of your forefathers.

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