martes, 29 de mayo de 2007


Varias noticias internacionales copan el ciberespacio.

El cierre de RCTV, la emisora de TV venezolana que ha expropiado el amigo de Rodríguez. Por fin se quita la careta el golpista. Pobres venezolanos.

Además, Darfur vuelve al centro de la atención. Aquí hacen referencia a lo que va a hacer Sarkozy. Y aquí lo de Bush. El Herald Tribune denuncia la actitud de China respecto a este tema. Si esto lo hicieran los norteamericanos en Iraq, los Bardem estarían en la calle ahora mismo. Pero si es una dictadura comunista corrupta, entonces no hay problema.

Respecto a la corrupción en China, también escribe el IHT:

One reason is that the central authorities are not in full control of their country. This may seem difficult to believe, particularly to outsiders accustomed to images of Chinese security forces dragging away protesters in Tiananmen Square. But Beijing actually has major difficulties supervising local officials.
Sure, you can demand that the local authorities meet designated birth control, tax revenue or economic development targets. But how do you supervise this? How do you ensure that local officials don't simply falsify data? Or that they don't rely on their own private goon squads to brutalize local residents into meeting whatever targets have been set?
In other countries, a range of independent, bottom-up channels help monitor and check the behavior of local officials. A free press exposes government corruption. Independent judicial institutions evaluate whether the actions of the local authorities accord with national law. Open elections allow citizens to remove officials engaged in unethical behavior.
These channels don't exist under China's one-party system. Local Chinese party secretaries exercise sweeping control over the local media, legislatures and courts.
Naturally, this breeds corruption and abuse of power. It also means that local party officials can effectively choke off information to Beijing, blinding the central authorities as to exactly how their mandates are carried out.
Some localities have degenerated into private fiefdoms run by local party officials. This has serious consequences for people whose rights have been violated by local officials. Citizens are far from passive. They resort to any and all channels to get redress - lawsuits, petitions, foreign media. But these often don't work.

Viendo cómo están por ahí, lo de aquí no está tan mal.

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